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Heritage Travel

For a community solidarity trip or a family Bar Mitzvah, experience the places and events that shape the Jewish story with a rare level of authenticity and insider access. Every Sovereign heritage trip is a made-to-order encounter that will profoundly impact the lives of your group members.

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Our Experience

  • Solidarity Missions

  • Family Roots Discovery

  • Bar Mitzvah tours

Favorite Destinations

  • NYC

  • Israel

  • Eastern Europe

  • Western Europe

  • Morocco

What We Do

  • Strategize goals and vision

  • Design itinerary

  • Source, negotiate and liaise with hotels and coach companies

  • Access VIP sites and tours

  • Arrange meetings with dignitaries

  • Source, negotiate and liaise with performers/speakers

  • Coordinate reservations and traveler requests

  • Consult on promotional content and swag

  • Manage teams at all destinations

  • Track development and finances

  • Oversee tasks and progress

  • Provide back office support

  • Oversee cost management

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